We believe

that singing songs of faith is a great gift for remembering who we are and encouraging faith in Christ. 

We are putting our most loved and known hymns into an easy to access video format which includes the words as they appear in the Lutheran Church of Australia’s hymnbook and Supplement. 

These are songs that tell the story of God’s relationship with humanity that can be used at home, in worship or wherever you want to sing!

We hope these hymns are used

  • To help people remember as they sing: For person to person use by family members or professional carers supporting people with disability, forgetfulness, confusion or other health issues.
  • To help communities sing: For use by local faith communities who have no musicians to support community singing.
  • To encourage Christian faith: For use by individuals and families for personal devotion and prayer. 


To create songs and worship resources that support groups and individuals and bring communities together.


Groups, individuals and communities strengthened in faith through singing.


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