Lent-Easter Hymn collection

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The Hymns were filmed on Sat. the 13th

Lent-Easter Hymn collection
Supporting spiritual well-being and memory loss

Thank you for voting for your favourite Lent/Easter hymns. Below are the ones that have been selected for our next volume. You may also financially support the recording of these hymns in the donate section at the bottom of the page.

54. When I survey the wondrous cross
84. There is a green hill far away
52. O Sacred Head, now wounded
86. All glory, laud and honour
69. Glory be to Jesus
55. O Dearest Jesus (Part 1)
756. O Lord, throughout these forty days
759. When his time was over

770. Yours is the glory
103. I know that my Redeemer lives
88. Jesus Christ is risen today
95 He is Risen

The power of music for spiritual well-being and memory loss.

In this video that we produced for Lutheran Media’s “Messages of Hope” channel, a radio host and music therapist discuss how music can support the ageing and those with dementia.

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and for helping us choose which hymns to include in the Lent/Easter Hymns Volume. Your feedback and support is appreciated.

We are planning to include in this next volume the top 8 voted from the Lent list and the top 4 voted from the Easter list, 12 hymns all together. Each hymn costs around $1000 to produce and get ready for production of the CDs, DVDs and for Youtube.

Please consider supporting this ministry today. With every donation of $100 or more we will send you a free DVD of the Lent/Easter Hymns Volume

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